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7 Things Every Parent of a Teen Needs to Know Before Having "The Talk"

Your go-to-guide on what you need to know before talking to your child

about sex is finally here!

Research shows that parents can positively influence their teen’s decision-making regarding sex. 7 Things Every Parent of a Teen Needs to Know Before Having "The Talk is the tool you’ve been waiting for to help you do just that!

"When you mentioned the parents not giving their child the talk, I kind of related. My mother had me when she was roughly 13. She has not given me that talk yet. Knowing that, I do sometimes think it's okay to have sex."  ~ Teen Girl

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  • Do you feel unprepared to talk to your child about love, sex and relationships?
  • Is your "Just Say No" message falling on deaf ears?
  • Are you worried about sounding like a hypocrite due to poor decisions you made regarding sex when you were a teen? 
  • Have you allowed the "awkwardness" of talking to your teen about sex get the best of you?
  • Would you like to tap into the knowledge and expertise of a youth speaker and teen relationship expert who has spoken with teens about love, sex, and relationships for 20 years and has also received 17,000+ letters from teens?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions , this eBook is for you!

 "You are the first person that I have heard have the 'sex talk.' I wish I would’ve had someone 
to tell that to me earlier because my parents won’t have that talk with me.
They expect me to know what’s right from wrong." ~ Teen Girl

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